Not-so-small fry – Harajuku Gyoza now serves up foot-long fries

Not-so-small fry – Harajuku Gyoza now serves up foot-long fries

Harajuku Gyoza – already known for delivering some of Japan’s unique delicacies to the Gold Coast – is bringing a new variation on the humble French fry. Following on from the success of the raindrop cake and the fluffy pancakes, Harajuku Gyoza has unveiled its foot-long French fries, available at all locations across Australia. If your run-of-the-mill frites aren’t satisfying, then there’s a fair chance that they’re just not long enough, so try these slender snacks on for size.

Far removed from many of the zany food trends to emerge from Japan in recent years, foot-long fries are a savoury snack that we can unequivocally and unanimously get behind. These unique morsels have been spotted on the fashionable promenades of Harajuku and at hawker markets throughout Tokyo, subsequently causing a stir online with the Instagram foodie scene. When it comes to the best in Japanese food trends, Harajuku Gyoza has always had its finger on the pulse and 2018 is set to be no exception with the addition of foot-long fries on its menu.

For the curious, long fries are made using a special potato press imported from Japan. Each fry is crafted with care, pressed into shape, then transferred to the fryer to achieve that crispy golden exterior. Now here’s the fun part – the eating! All serves of long fries are partnered with your choice of house-made shiitake mushroom and katsuobushi salt or Japanese mayonnaise.

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