From Coco Pop latte's to dippy eggs: here's where to find the food you loved as a kid
From Coco Pop latte's to dippy eggs: here's where to find the food you loved as a kid
From Coco Pop latte's to dippy eggs: here's where to find the food you loved as a kid
From Coco Pop latte's to dippy eggs: here's where to find the food you loved as a kid

From Coco Pop latte’s to dippy eggs: here’s where to find the food you loved as a kid

How good was being a kid? You had no stress, no responsibility and a lightening-fast metabolism. Food always brings fond memories of the good old days, so you’ll be happy to know there are a number of Gold Coast establishments that have reinvented the favourites of yesteryear. Forget carbs and calories, here’s where you’ll find the food you loved as a kid. 

Randy Wallhole: Coco Pops are and will always be a good idea. You can get the chocolatey goodness in Randy’s Coco Pops iced latte. Yes, you read right – Coco Pops drowned in coffee – this is life changing stuff. You’ll also find a decent range of old-school milkshakes and jaffles, including the Mum’s Special jaffle with Heinz spaghetti, cheese and pepper. Just want Fruit Loops and milk? You’re in luck, and you can have a game of Connect Four at the same time. High five for transporting us back to our youth, team Randy.

Paddock Bakery: Dippy eggs, complete with soldiers – they were a Sunday morning staple. Paddock’s dippy eggs come with buttered house-baked sourdough soldiers (great for dunking in the golden runny yolk) with a fancy twist of bacon bits, parsley and organic labna, all served in half an egg carton.

Journeymen Coffee Roasters: Who remembers the original Weston’s Wagon Wheel? Thanks to Arnotts and our indulgent appetites, the tasty chocolate-coated biscuit rounds with marshmallow and jam have stood the test of time. Journeymen has recreated the classic with Davidson plum jam and glossy marshmallow, sandwiched between a raw cacao and organic stone-ground wheat cookie. Oh yes friends, the fancy version is just as delicious.

Ball Boy: The Ball Boy lads kick it old school with the best ice-cream sandwich combinations going around – they roll the sweet, creamy sangas in sugary treats like gummy bears, hundreds and thousands, Nerds and they’ll even stick in a sherbet bomb in the side if you ask nicely. Ice-cream and lollies are the go-to childhood treat, so go and stick your face in Ball Boy’s goodies.

Cowch Dessert & Cocktail Bar: New to Pacific Fair, the Cowch menu is bursting with carefully crafted oh-so-sweet treats. Alongside a pretty impressive list of sweet alcoholic cocktails, we’re loving the vibe of the Jelly Beanie, with jelly bean-infused vodka, berries, a hint of lime plus a jelly bean skewer. Yes, jelly bean-infused vodka does actually exist and it makes all the adult responsibilities totally worthwhile.

Bam Bam Bakehouse: Let’s mix up the sugary favourites of yesteryear with a savoury delight – Vegemite scrolls. They were undoubtedly the ultimate after-school snack. True to style, Bam Bam goes the extra mile with these and uses flakey croissant pastry to make it even more delicious. Wash that down with an iced Milo, Bam Bam-style. So #straya.

Elk Espresso: Caramello Koala – did you used to bite his head off first? Same. The thought of all that gooey caramel oozing out the top really gets us going. Well, if you want to reminisce with the good ol’ CK, then get on board with Elk’s caramello thickshake – it’s thick, full of ice-cream and caramel goodness but it will leave you with the biggest decision of the day – to eat the Caramello Koala straight away or let him sink to the bottom for later? First world problem right there.

Gangster & Gatsby: It’s an over-sized jaw-dropping take on all of your favourite childhood sweets. The Southport hub is becoming pretty popular for engineering some devilishly sweet treats – and gigantic milkshakes are just the start. The Sweet Rebellion cookie is a monster take on S’mores with giant choc-chip cookies drowned in chocolate, ice-cream and toasted marshmallows. This place is pushing the boundaries and our belt buckles out a notch.

Mecca Bah: We all love a good milkshake, but adult milkshakes are way more fun. The Oracle Boulevard Mecca Bah serves up an adults-only Toblerone milkshake with Frangelico, Baileys, Kahlua, ice-cream, honey and chocolate – all in a fancy glass. Adulting is fun.

House of Brews: Three words – fairy.floss.tower. Served in a giant martini glass, House of Brews takes fairy floss to the absolute extreme – the giant pink sugary ball literally towers over you. You’ll need to share this one with the crew, but trust us when we say that every single sweet bite is worth the calories (not that we’re counting, ever).

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