Simple delicious – five easy crumble recipes to impress your winter guests

Simple delicious – five easy crumble recipes to impress your winter guests

There is something deeply satisfying and nostalgic about a warm fruit crumble, especially in the cooler months. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser to roll out at a dinner party (now we’re allowed to have them) and, even better, its super simple to make. The next time you’re on dessert duty, whip up one of these five simple-yet-delicious crumble recipes – just don’t forget to pick up a tub of ice-cream on the way.

Apple crumble with calvados and brown butter
Lorraine Elliott from Not Quite Nigella (the creator of this recipe) claims this is the best ever apple crumble. We’ll let you be the judge – everyone has their preferences – but this recipe is pretty damn delicious. What makes this crumble really special is the calvados-soaked apples in the filling. In case you’re unfamiliar, calvados is an apple (or pear) brandy from Normandy that is aged in oak barrels, giving it a really smooth flavour. This pairs beautifully with the crumble topping, a crunchy mix of rolled oats, almonds, vanilla, spices and sweet, sweet brown butter. Drool.
Image: Lorraine Elliott – Not Quite Nigella 

Apple and blueberry bread-and-butter crumble
Can’t decide between a crumble and bread-and-butter pudding? Porque no los dos? Why not both? That’s right – this sweet amalgamation combines two of winter’s favourite treats to make one delicious super dessert. This crumble sees butter, Granny Smith apples, maple syrup, lemon zest, vanilla and blueberries combined, then topped with custard-soaked brioche (there’s that bread and butter coming through), THEN scattered with a classic rolled-oats crumble mix. Top with cream and you’re onto a winner.
Image: delicious. 

Blackberry chocolate-chip cookie crumble
So imagine crumble, but cookie dough. Here is another spectacular dessert hybrid, this time courtesy of Love & Olive Oil. The juicy tartness of the blackberry filling is offset by a cookie-style crumble on top. Don’t worry, our beloved crumble staple of rolled oats is still in there, but the crumble is more cookie-like in texture and has the added bonus of chocolate chips. Pure genius.
Image: Love & Olive Oil

Pear and ginger crumble
This recipe comes from renown Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc, so you know it’s exceptional. The filling is a delectable pear and ginger compote (you may want to make extra to put on scones, cakes, toast, a spoon that goes straight into your mouth), which tastes a whole lot more complex than it is to make. Raymond’s crumble topping is more of a traditional oat-less British style, making it more like a short pastry.
Image: Raymond Blanc 

Strawberry and rhubarb crumble
Are you one of the many people filling everyone’s Instagram feed with expeditions to strawberry farms at the moment? If so, you likely have an abundance of strawberries – this crumble is for you! It combines rhubarb and strawberries with honey and vanilla, which are then splashed with a little rose geranium (or just plain rose) water. The result is reminiscent of a sweet Turkish delight, which tastes pretty darn delightful topped with crumble. If rose essence isn’t your jam, simply leave it out – it’s just as delicious.
Image: SBS

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