Sip on a Beerspresso from BrewSmith

Sip on a Beerspresso from BrewSmith

If you’ve ever been torn between drinking a coffee or a beer, well, now you can have your cake and eat it too with Beerspresso beer flavoured coffee.

Bringing together two rather unlikely bedfellows, malted barley and coffee, Beerspresso presents as the perfect coffee for beer lovers. The unusual blend offers a satisfying sweetness and a very full-bodied flavour that is described as a biscotti and coffee all in one delicious beverage.

Beerspresso is suitable for espresso, plunger, stovetop and filter coffee makers and despite the implication by its name, there is no alcohol present. If you were interested in the latter, BrewSmith can help you out on that front too with a range of brewing kits including Summer Citrus Blonde Ale Kit and a Simple Cider Kit.

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