Welcome to Sameville at Festival 2018

Welcome to Sameville at Festival 2018

You are about to enter a weird and wacky world called Sameville, Utopia on show! Take a guided tour of a very peculiar autonomous utopian regime. In Sameville, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of the action, surrounded by people who dress the same, move the same, and act the same. You’ll meet several colourful characters and discover the truth about this mysterious place.

Welcome to Sameville is an immersive and interactive theatrical experience that explores democracy, human rights, personal empowerment and freedom of expression.

A world where Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl meet George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Welcome to Sameville is brought to life by Queensland’s Shock Therapy Productions.

Recommended for ages 8+.

There will be performances with Auslan translation at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Tuesday April 10.

About the creators:
Founded in 2015 by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones, Shock Therapy Productions is now one of the leading performing arts companies based on the Gold Coast.

Commissioned by City of Gold Coast and Festival 2018.

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