Making the most of the exceptional public spaces in the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct, Gold Coast City Gallery presents the next series of digital artworks in UnSeenGC Summer 16-17, a dLux Media Arts touring exhibition. The exhibition is a mobile 3D augmented reality (AR) art experience, designed to introduce the Gold Coast community and our city’s visitors to some of the world’s best in AR art.

In an experience on par with leading international cultural offerings, UnSeenGC Summer 16-17consists of virtual artworks positioned around the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct. Invisible to the naked eye, virtual objects, images, and video are discovered by looking through a smartphone or tablet. Utilising the technologies of image recognition, artworks appear on screen as visitors move around the Cultural Precinct, pointing their cameras at an assortment of images and signs throughout the environment, augmenting the physical environment with the virtual digital artwork

UnSeenGC Summer 16-17 exhibition features artworks by five prominent national digital artists; Andrew Burrell, Josh Harle, Tracey M Benson, Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana.

The exhibition also includes six works from the first instalment of UnSeenGC, by Jake Hempson a multi-disciplinary artist whose work has previously been exhibited at the Swell Sculpture Festival. Hempson created for UnSeenGC a series of compelling digital sculptural works in response to Gold Coast Cultural Precinct features – both present and future.

Earlier this year Gold Coast City Gallery held a Student Digital Media Immersion Day, where Gold Coast students had the opportunity to work directly with a professional augmented reality artist to further develop their skills. A selection of their works is also included in the UnSeenGC Summer 16-17 digital exhibition.

To experience this exciting new adventure in our city’s emerging cultural hub, simply download Aurasma (free augmented reality application for Apple or Android) and bring your device with you when you visit the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct. Discover a new frontier in the world of contemporary art as you explore these ‘hidden’ works – those that exist only in the realm between the visible and the invisible.

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