Tori Forsyth at Vinnies Dive

Tori Forsyth at Vinnies Dive

At just 24 and with numerous ARIA and APRA accolades under her belt, Tori Forsyth is back a year after releasing her debut album and is bringing her blistering new single ‘Be Here’ to Vinnies Dive. Based on her own experiences of dealing with a partner’s addiction, ‘Be Here’ is real, raw and honest in the vein of the best confessional rock, with Tori snarling over scorched guitars as she lays down the law.

Jangly, whirring guitar lines spin through the mix like a hurricane, mimicking the all-consuming vortex of addiction but Tori makes her position clear: give it up, or you’ll lose me. Tori has never shied away from revealing herself in song but she’s never sounded this powerful before either. ‘Be Here’ speaks to a lifetime of listening to strong, provocative frontwomen and female-fronted bands – Hole, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Joan Jett – and parlaying that inspiration into something authentic and visceral. Tori also names Nirvana, Soundgarden and Audioslave as influences when writing the track.

Like her idols, Forsyth is able to distil her emotions with startling maturity and clarity.

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