Tide at Festival 2018

Tide at Festival 2018

Based on the wildly successful work from 2015, Tide sees two performers risk it all to remind us all that we are nothing without each other. The bold event is being brought back for this year’s Bleach* Festival and Festival 2018.

Two office workers carry on their typical office duties on a sandbar. Yes, you read right, an actual sandbar. During low tide, they stand safely on sand, but as the tide rises, water submerges the desk and its contents. For 49 hours, without food or supplies, these two fearless performers put themselves at the mercy of both the tide and the compassion of the community. All they ask in return is that a kind spectator brings them a bite to eat or a coffee from time to time.

Complete with shareholder presentations, office parties and water cooler discussions, this post-apocalyptic scene is an installation, an interactive theatre work, a dance performance and a test of endurance fuelled by two people’s unwavering belief in the human spirit.

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