TAL SpotChecker – Free skin checks
TAL SpotChecker – Free skin checks

TAL SpotChecker – Free skin checks

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, and two in three Australians will be diagnosed with some sort of skin cancer by the age of 70, but research shows early detection of skin cancer can increase chances of successful treatment.

To encourage more Australians to get a skin check, TAL, one of Australia’s leading life insurers, is offering free skin checks from specialist skin cancer doctors at iconic beaches around Australia this summer, including Surfers Paradise.

TAL SpotChecker aims to raise awareness of the importance of skin checks in detecting skin cancer early, while calling on Australians to get talking and encourage two of their friends to commit to a skin check this summer.

To reserve a place at TAL SpotChecker on Surfers Paradise or learn more about skin cancer and how to check your own spots through Firstcheck, an app that enables people to get a skin check through their smartphone, visit  www.tal.com.au/tal-spotchecker

Limited places will be available for walk-ins over the weekend.

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