SOL/Stories in the Dark at HOTA

SOL/Stories in the Dark at HOTA

Compositions imagined, and re-imagined – music, sound and stories from the darkness. Laurie Anderson starts her HOTA season with a rare double bill of strings – one an Australian premiere, the other a world premiere. Live inside the newly minted Outdoor Stage.

Australian Premiere performed live with CODA String Quartet.
Arranged for strings by Rubin Kodheli

The eminent American conceptual artist and minimalist Sol LeWitt was a teacher of Laurie Anderson. In 1977 she composed and recorded Quartet for SOL, scored for performance by four violins and based on Sol LeWitt’s number series drawings.

“I assigned note values to the numbers
According to their placement
In his drawing.”

In 2016 Laurie Anderson reconnected with SOL, working it into a 30-minute composition with an arrangement for strings by the ‘celebrated, genre-transcending creative rebel’, composer Rubin Kodheli.


World Premiere

“Our imaginations are much faster
And wilder than
Most action movies.
When sight is gone,
the imagination can
run wild.”

This immersive voyage takes listeners on an incredible journey of discovery, guided by stories emerging from total darkness. Playing with memory, time and visualisation, Laurie Anderson’s multichannel soundscapes create and destroy mental movies that explore mystery and adventure in collaboration with the audience.

Engage your imagination and prepare to be transported.

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, Canal Street Communications and Pomegranate Arts.

About Laurie Anderson

Unapologetically experimental, Laurie Anderson is best known for her multimedia presentations and innovative use of technology. Based out of New York City, she has published seven books, had chart-topping hits including 1981s ‘O Superman’, and has had her artwork presented in major galleries around the world. In 2015 she directed the film Heart of a Dog inspired by her terrier Lolabelle, and dedicated to her late husband Lou Reed.

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