Paddock Play Dates

Paddock Play Dates

Let’s face it, sometimes kids and cafes can be hard work. Sure, you can try to distract them momentarily with a babycino or app on your phone but inevitably (before you finish your coffee), their attention span has plummeted and they want something else.

If this scenario sounds a little too familiar, trust us when we say you’re going to love Paddock Bakery even more than you already do. They’re about to launch Paddock Play Dates for littlies from ages four to 10! We’ll give you a moment to compose yourself. Good? Great!

So what are Paddock Play Dates?
It’s a chance for you to kick back and enjoy a large latte and a few cheeky ‘adult’ cookies while your kids are thoroughly entertained in a workshop or cooking class. The classes are run by a qualified teacher, and while it isn’t a drop off service, you can enjoy a moment to yourself under the Paddock trees while they play.

The first class will be a Christmas baking class where your little loves can decorate their chef hat to take home, decorate Christmas cupcakes and gingerbread men to keep and package them up with a handmade Christmas card for a gift or to enjoy themselves.

* Classes are for 1 hour only
* Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class and check in with our team
* All parents are required to stay within Paddock Bakery at all times while their child is in the class

Classes are $25 per child and places are limited. Paddock Play Dates kick off on Wednesday December 20 and continue on Thursday December 21 and there are two sessions per day, one at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. Jump over here to reserve your child’s place.

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