Osadia at HOTA

Osadia at HOTA

The sculptural quality of hairdressing becomes a theatrical performance in the barbers chairs of Osadia.

This street theatre company first formed in Barcelona in 1996, and multifaceted hairdresser Alex Rendon has been conceptualising hairdressing into a live performance around the world since. Rendon’s vision involves an audience member becoming the central performer and being transformed on stage as a styling showpiece, much to delight of audience members.

These transformations can happen anywhere – in a park, on the street, at a makeshift festival site – and to anyone who dares accept the challenge to sit in Osadia’s grand barber chair. The show involves the creation of original and provocative exhibitions of sophisticated make-up and hair art, set to fantastic music mixes. Since this innovative show was first presented in Barcelona in 1996 it has been presented throughout Europe, Australia, US, South America , Africa, China and South East Asia.

Osadia is a free event running throughout December as part of the HOME series at HOTA. Showtimes and dates can be found on their website.

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