My Urrwai

My Urrwai

Ghenoa Gela — little sister, daughter, granddaughter, comic, teacher, fighter, gold medallist, air guitarist, charmer, TV star, Torres Strait mainlander and walking political statement — has made a show.

My Urrwai is a revealing reflection on and celebration of cultural and familial inheritance, and an unflinching comment on race relations in Australia.

With no direct English word that translates its meaning, Urrwai is a combination of “my spirit, my style, my essence” in the Kala Lagaw Ya language, indigenous to the Torres Strait.

Laughter and deep reflection go hand in hand in this unique and intimate story told through movement and words. A recipient of the renowned Keir Choreographic Award and the Deadly Funny Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award, Ghenoa’s energetic auto-biographical journey is funny, moving and, ultimately, enlightening.

Image credit: David Collins

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