Mindful Kids Yoga

Mindful Kids Yoga

Mindful Kids Yoga

Give your children a mindful and calming experience! ASMY’s ‘Mindful Yoga’ is a uniquely designed kids yoga program that incorporates everything you love about our adult classes, but ‘kidified’.

*Fun yoga asanas
*Peaceful mindfulness and meditation
*Time for creativity through colouring and music

The roots of our Mindful Yoga program are founded in traditional yoga teachings, mindfulness and meditation techniques. Developed by two of our ASMY kids yoga teachers and their 10+ years of experience, Mindful Yoga empowers children with techniques that promote self-awareness, self-regulation and emotional resilience.

Will they have fun?

Will they experience playfulness in postures, breath-work and music?
Of course!

But best of all, they will be guided through an experience that will balance their busy minds and allow them to reconnect with their Inner World.

Mindful Kids Yoga
Mondays 3:45–4:45pm
Age: primary school (5-11yrs)
Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, Nobbys Beach Shops

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