MEERA The Production
MEERA The Production

MEERA The Production

MEERA is a bold love story from 16th century Northern India about a royal Princess who believes in her love for Krishna to such a degree that she is willing to go against the norms of society for her love.

This is a story of love, passion, betrayal and every emotion of human experience to make or break a person – MEERA has it all.

MEERA is an interlude between a theatrical and musical, linked with the best of narration, opera singing and story-telling.

MEERA will be a mesmerising treat to all senses, melodious original music composed by renowned maestros from India, and many other European countries to lavish glamorous costumes that befit Indian-royalty, the backdrop of the story.

MEERA will have everything from ballet, Indian contemporary, African contemporary, tap, aerial, pole, and Indian classical dancing!

Think bold, beautiful, mesmerizing, inspirational, unique and breathtaking, Think MEERA!

Making its debut and world premiere right in the heart of Gold Coast at HOTA on the 4th of November, 2018.

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