IN BLOOM: Art Exhibition

IN BLOOM: Art Exhibition

‘IN BLOOM,’ an art show exhibiting works by local Artists Ella Fitzgerald and Kelly Robinson. Hosted by Hotel Miami’s monthly First Fridays event.

The works that will be featured are a combination of film photographs and fine art illustrations, accompanied by lush plant installations by local florist Carly Jackson. The focus of the work is the encouragement of female empowerment and celebration of each woman’s uniqueness. There will be interactive art installations and life drawing for all to get involved! The artists really want the public to feel like they’re a part of the night, by engaging with the art installations. The show aims to celebrate all forms of Art for everyone to enjoy!

Sponsored by Young Henrys (providing the booze) and Little Wahaca (providing tasty Latin American food).

Live Vinyl DJ Set

Artworks available for purchase on the night.


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