Holoscenes at Festival 2018

Holoscenes at Festival 2018

Fresh from captivating crowds in NYC’s Times Square comes this visceral performance artwork in which the human body and water collide in Holoscenes.

Watch with bated breath as an enormous aquarium-like tank unpredictably floods with water, engulfing those inside. Performers must adapt to the rapid rise and fall of water as they continue to carry out everyday tasks – making a bed, getting dressed, reading a newspaper. Each lone performer stays in the tank for 45 minutes and each performance cycle lasts five hours. Set to a haunting soundtrack, Holoscenes combines beauty, lyricism and impact to explore our relationship with the rising seas, and to connect the everyday actions of individuals to global climate change.

Holoscenes has exhibited in London, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Sarasota, Toronto and at New York City’s Times Square. Don’t miss your chance to see it right here in our own backyard.

About the creator:
Lars Jan is a director, visual artist, writer, and founder of Early Morning Opera (EMO). EMO is an LA-based performance and art lab that explores new technologies, live audiences, unclassifiable experience and progressive activism. The company’s work has been commissioned and presented by the likes of The Whitney Museum, Sundance Film Festival, Under the Radar Festival and BAM Next Wave Festival.

Image credit: Lars Jan

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