Gutsy Girls

Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour

Get inspired for life at the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour. Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles, covering topics relevant to women in the outdoors, the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour will enthral both the avid adventurer and the armchair adventurer alike. The 2022 tour will take you running the length of New Zealand, solo hiking, to the summit of Mt Everest, breaking through barriers, getting big air on skies and more.

These amazing stories of courage, grit, determination, and outdoor inspiration are focused on bringing the female adventure experience under the spotlight. By celebrating the female adventurous spirit, we aim to make women in the outdoors more visible. But a Gutsy Girls screening isn’t just for women – they are for all of us to celebrate diversity and inclusion and the rad ladies of the adventure world.

Offering something for all ages, genders and adventure lovers the 6th annual Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour is packed full of adrenaline, inspiration and fuel to fire your passions.  The eight films in the 2022 program promise to delight everyone from the hardcore to the armchair adventurer in equal measure. Check out the 2022 trailer, gather your adventure buddies and book your tickets now! 

Image Credit: Gutsy Girls

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