Gold Coast Open House 2019

Gold Coast Open House 2019

This year’s Gold Coast Open House program unlocks the doors to historic landmarks, architecture award-winning private residences, schools, universities, sporting facilities, museums and public utilities. The event turns five this year, with 56 interesting places and spaces set to open or offer behind the scenes tours and its biggest ever program of walks, talks, workshops and fringe events. The event extends its footprint to head offshore by boat for tours at South Stradbroke Island, over the border with a bus tour to three award-winning architect-designed homes in northern New South Wales and sky-high to visit a four-level Surfers Paradise penthouse.

Kids can visit a working fire station or see how things work inside a television broadcast studio. Go inside Gold Coast Mosque to see how architecture is used to inspire prayer and venture over to A.B Paterson College and St Ambrose Catholic Primary School to see how grand designs inspire students and teachers. These are both new additions, joining St Hilda’s School Gold Coast, which has been a part of Gold Coast Open House since its inception. Gold Coast Open House also opens the doors to some interesting places not usually accessible to the public.

Head to Hinze Dam for a guided tour of the fishway. Completed just a few years ago, it uses a revolutionary catch and hoist system to help fish complete their migratory journey upstream to breed beyond the mega Hinze Dam wall. Gold Coast Open House is a free event that teaches architectural appreciation and encourages locals and visitors to think differently about the built environment. Please note that some events need to be booked.

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