Fireside: Art Battle at HOTA

Fireside: Art Battle at HOTA

The (art) battle is on! People of the Gold Coast, if you have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing competitive painting live in the flesh – you’re in for a real treat. The paint will hit the fan on Friday September 4 when some of the Gold Coast’s most fierce competitors battle it out to create the best artwork in an hour – and you’re there to witness all of the action. Watch as paint is splashed across the canvasses at incredible speed as they compete for ultimate glory. Attempting to keep things fair will be Art Battle King, Master Wolf AKA Skinz as the evening’s MC although there are no promises, in this art battle, anything goes! The only thing that is for certain is that this is one way to spend an evening that you won’t soon forget.

To keep the good vibes flowing, there will be DJ sets and some tasty tucker including cheese boxes, pizza and beer-battered chips. If you’re in the mood for a little friendly competition that is guaranteed to get a little messy, grab your tickets to Fireside: Art Battle at HOTA.

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