Find Your Fierce – Women's Self Defence

Find Your Fierce – Women’s Self Defence

Find your Fierce is a 10 Module course run over 5 days. Specifically designed by women for women.

Find your Fierce is a fully comprehensive self defence course that includes everything you as a woman need to keep safe. it provides an insight into the psychology of violence, how to be safe in an unsafe situation and of course physical self defence techniques. Further to this, in Module 10 (our final module) we recreate real world situations with stunt men and actors where you can put your newly learnt knowledge and skills to the test.

Unlike other self defence classes Ap8 Fierce Females provides a comfortable environment that promotes confidence and builds character. Our Fierce staff are also the most friendly females in the industry.

Developed by women for women this course will allow you to live life free of violence and fear.

Course inclusions:

  • Fierce Manual (200 pages of content)
  • Hand wraps
  • Training diary

Module Program:

Module 1 – Understanding Violence

Module 2 – Psychological Defence

Module 3 – Situational Safety

Module 4 – Fundamentals of Women’s Self Defence

Module 5 – Defensive techniques.

Module 6 – Upper body offensive techniques

Module 7 – Lower body offensive techniques

Module 8 – Close combat techniques

Module 9 – Submission defence

Module 10 – Adrenaline exposure

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