Disney+ Drive-In

Disney+ Drive-In

If you, to this day, can recite every word of Scar’s ‘Be Prepared’, could give Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson a run for his money in Moana’s ‘You’re Welcome‘ and you regularly re-watch movies from your childhood, the Disney+ Drive-In by Openair Cinemas is right up your alley. The event will pop-up at Carrara Sports Precinct Parking and is dedicated exclusively to Disney movies – huzzah! The flicks begin rolling on Sunday May 9 and run almost nightly until June 1. You can take a peek at the whole glorious line-up here but some of the highlights include The Little Mermaid Sing-Along, Aladdin (the OG version, obviously), The Greatest Showman, Pretty Woman, Moana, Titanic, Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy.

There will be snacks available to purchase (pass the popcorn) but you can also opt to bring your own, just leave the booze at home. Okay, so the fine-print is that you must stay near, in or on your car. The sound will come through FM radio, so you’ll need to be able to listen without the ignition on because running engines and lights are not permitted (plus, nobody wants a flat battery at the end of the movie).

Image source: Openair Cinemas Facebook

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