Craft Beer Appreciation – GCFWF

Craft Beer Appreciation – GCFWF

A must for all beer lovers! Beer is about so much more than just cracking open a can on a hot day. Learn about the history of beer brewing, and taste different James Squire, Little Creatures and a selection of other Australian craft beers.

Do you love beer and want to learn more about it? Discover the difference between ales and lagers? What is a pilsener, pale ale and stout? What are hops and what do they add to beer? What is malt and what flavour does it lend a beer? Should you use a glass, and what type? What food pairs with which beer?

During the class you will sample beers across several different styles, taste malts, get hands-on with hops and learn the principles of beer making, all in a relaxed and fun interactive class.

Includes a schooner of your favourite beer and a shared platter of barbecue bites and pies.


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