Calling to Belong – SOA Dancer | Travers Ross

Calling to Belong – SOA Dancer | Travers Ross

Witness personal multicultural riches come together through six local men who’s blood lines travel all over the planet.

S.O.A Dancer is a culturally diverse male dance company presenting many forms of contemporary, urban and world dances in Calling to Belong at Festival 2018.

The exciting work by Creative Director Travers Ross (Awe Mill) is its structured improvisation and freestyle dreaming over a whole 30-minute show.

The new world blokes are venerably brave and dancing through life.

The debuted performance at Splendour in the Grass was quoted the favourite act by many of the participants that were lucky enough to witness it in 2017.

About the creator:
Travers Ross is an abstract triple threat who wittingly disperses his creativity into alternative staged and filmed art set to appease all walks of life, through an inconceivable collection of inspiring individuals he attracts. A leading Australian choreographer, vocalist, performer who traverses countries, cultures, time and space before you. Travers carefully selected SOA’s brought together for this piece representing such clear diverse lives yet all live in Australia.

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