Let’s get physical – the '80s-themed workout party coming to your living room
Let’s get physical – the '80s-themed workout party coming to your living room

Let’s get physical – the ’80s-themed workout party coming to your living room

If you think about instant mood-lifters, there are a couple of things that pretty much guarantee a spike in serotonin. The cocktail of a strong theme, an outrageous costume, moving your body, some spicy encouragement and a killer soundtrack is pretty hard to beat. So, what happens when you roll all of these together? An 80s-themed fitness class where dressing up, sweating it out and laughing your ass off is actively encouraged, of course! The team from online fitness empire Virtual Playground is giving us this precious gift on Friday April 24, live-streamed for free directly to your living room.

Launching as part of its Lift Your Mood initiative, the gang from Virtual Playground wanted to help those of us who may be struggling in the COVID-19 era – and what better way to do it than with an all-in outrageous ’80s-themed workout? It’s no secret that both physical and mental wellness can take a backseat in times like this, so the team decided to create an event that would make us sweat and laugh in equal measure. Drawing inspo from the OG decade of fun and flashy fitness, Virtual Playground has put together an experience that will make Jane Fonda look like a rookie.

Judging by your reaction to the return of Aerobics Oz Style, you lot are obviously fans of the ’80s fitness format – and this class will deliver what you are craving in spades. Run by three stunning specimens known as Regina, Cynthia and Josehita, the class will begin with an award for best dressed – so if you’ve been waiting for a chance to bust out that high-cut g-string leotard, there’s never been a better time. Once a winner is crowned, participants will be expertly led through a high-energy, over-the-top workout with more thrusts and bun-squeezing than this stunning archival footage of John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s all going down on Friday April 24 from 5:00–6:00 pm via Zoom, so as long as you’ve got a bit of space and an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Ready to get your grapevine on? You can register for the Lift Your Mood launch party (for free) right here.

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