Pretty in pink – a strawberry moon is set to light up the sky early tomorrow morning

Pretty in pink – a strawberry moon is set to light up the sky early tomorrow morning

Keen star gazers, rejoice! We are being treated to yet another astronomical wonder in the form of a strawberry moon, or a penumbral lunar eclipse as the professionals call it, set to make an appearance in our starry skies in the early hours of Saturday morning. If you’re eager to set your eyes on this breathtaking pink-hued celestial phenomenon, read on …

Now how does this black magic work, you ask? This Saturday morning will see the full moon experience a partial penumbral eclipse, which happens when it moves through the outer part of Earth’s shadow. The moon appears pink in colour as it’s located very close to a red supergiant star called Antares – which (fun fact) is the 15th brightest star in the night sky.

The partial penumbral eclipse will kick off in the very, very early hours of Saturday morning (3:45 am to be exact), so you’ll have to set your alarm well before sparrow’s fart. If you’re eager to stay nice and warm inside the comforts of your home (we very much recommend this as the weather forecast predicts a chilly temperature of 10 degrees), the best time to marvel at the sky is around 5:24 am. The whole show finishes up around 7:04 am, just in time to make your morning brew. If you do miss out (because you end up sleeping through your alarm), there are also two lunar eclipses still to come this year – one from July 4–5 and another from November 29–30.

Now, let’s all cross our fingers (and toes) for clear skies, so our peepers can be treated to a gorgeous view of the strawberry moon. Now all you have to do is play The Psychedelic Furs to set the mood …

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