Laugh untill it hurts at Ross Noble's Brain Dump

Laugh untill it hurts at Ross Noble’s Brain Dump

Adored the world over for his utter randomness and sheer hilarity, Ross Noble has a lot of things bubbling away in that brain of his and he needs to let it all out. Join Ross at The Arts Centre Gold Coast on Sunday April 17 for Brain Dump.

Ross Noble is the epitome unpredictable, mainly because not even he knows what’s coming next. A master of improvisation, Ross has won fans around the world for his stream-of-conscious delivery and off-the-cuff tomfoolery.

The Geordie stand-up has been performing since he was smuggled into his local comedy club at age 15 and has toured the world reducing entire audiences to tears (of the happy kind) and won some of the industry’s highest accolades. Tickets to Ross Noble’s show are $46.90, jump over here to grab yours or take a peek at the man in action.

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