Some of Queensland's stay-at-home restrictions are being eased – here's what it means for you

Some of Queensland’s stay-at-home restrictions are being eased – here’s what it means for you

You know that curve we’ve all been working so hard (by doing nothing) to flatten? Well, it’s working. In response to these encouraging signs and the continually low number of new COVID-19 cases, premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced that some of Queensland’s stay-at-home restrictions will be easing as of Saturday May 2. Wondering what you can and can’t do this weekend? Here’s a quick rundown. 

From first thing Saturday (May 2), things will ease just a little for us Queensland folk and we’ll be permitted to leave our homes for some forms of recreation. You’ll be able to go for a scenic drive – but you’ll have to stay within 50-km of your principal place of residence. For those that want to feel the wind in their hair – the recreational use of motorbikes, jetskis and boats will also be allowed from May 2.

You’ll also be permitted to roll out the rug and have a picnic outdoors (yes, you can grab takeaway and sit down and enjoy it outside), but only with members of the same household – and if you live alone, you can enjoy an outdoors picnic with one other person. Dust off the hiking boots because some of the state’s national parks will be re-opened from this Saturday, though exactly what parks will be accessible is yet to be announced. Take note that the ‘day use’ areas (like barbecues) and toilets at these parks will not be open.

While we’ve all been restricted to only going out for essential shopping at local supermarkets and pharmacies, you’ll now be able to go shopping for non-essential items like clothes and shoes, though we’re advised to limit our time at these stores and at shopping centres – make a list so you’re in and out as quickly as possible. Queensland’s chief health officer Jeannette Young warned that social distancing still applies and reiterated that while the slight easing of restrictions is now allowing us to go out into the community, we must only do so with our own household groups, not with additional people. If mass gatherings are witnessed, the state government has advised it will not hesitate to clamp back down on the restrictions.

We have been granted this little taste of freedom because we, as a state, have adhered to social distancing measures very well so far. Remember to not take advantage of that – the crisis isn’t over yet. As much as possible, it’s still advised we should stay home to stop the spread.

You can watch the full press conference outlining Queensland’s easing restrictions over here.

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