This handy website lets you know what’s within 10 km of your house so you can step outside in peace

This handy website lets you know what’s within 10 km of your house so you can step outside in peace

We’re no strangers to a lockdown here in Queensland, but this particular lockdown is stricter than ones before and sometimes new restrictions can be a little bit confusing – especially when it comes to the 10-km rule. If you need to know which shops, parks and essential services are within a 10-km radius of your own home, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a website for that, and it’s called KM From Home.

By now, we’re all well aware of the essential reasons we can leave home during Queensland’s current lockdown (if you’re not, head over here to read our convenient guide). You can leave your house to exercise within your area and if you need to pick up essentials like groceries, medications or takeaway food – however, these places must be within 10 km of your abode. But, how do we know what lies within our 10-km radius? There is the obvious solution – Google Maps, where you can punch in the address you want to go to and it will kindly inform you of the distance. If you’re looking to give yourself a wider scope of all that is at your fingertips, let us offer an easy-to-use alternative – KM From Home.

It works like this – you can use the handy online tool KM From Home to drop a pin on your address and see what lies within your 10-km limit. Then a red ring will enclose your area of opportunity – whether you’re searching for cafes to get your java fix, a park to take a jog in or grocery stores so you can stock up on essentials. If you want to stay extra close, you change the distance to pretty much whatever you want. Just remember, 10 km is the sweet spot and don’t go trekking outside that limit.

Image credit: KM From Home

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