Raw foodist and health extraordinaire David Wolfe is coming to the Gold Coast

Raw foodist and health extraordinaire David Wolfe is coming to the Gold Coast

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll know who David Wolfe is – and chances are you’ve seen or shared his posts countless times. After all, you’re one of more than 8 million people worldwide that follow him on the social network. The self-proclaimed Indiana Jones of superfoods and longevity has announced he is coming to our shores early next year with a series of events planned across the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

Tickets have been released this week in anticipation of a sell-out March 2017 event, which is set to attract thousands of health foodies who have followed David Wolfe’s global raw food and healthy living movements. David Wolfe’s Superfood and Longevity Tour will hit Melbourne, Sydney and Perth before heading to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay on March 18 and 19. Gold Coaster’s have the opportunity to spend an entire day with David Wolfe at his seminar, which is set to cover everything from which superfoods are making waves, the power of spring water, to detox strategies and healthy chocolate.

True to style, there will be a few left-of-centre elements like how to integrate tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms into your life (we’re used to having our mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic, but each to their own). The Byron Bay visit will be an off-shoot to his official tour, with an exclusive one-day permaculture experience – the intimate event will be held in the hinterland and will showcase the principles of permaculture and lifestyle design. So, if you’re keen to soak up the knowledge in March, you’d better get cracking and book your tickets here.

To find out more about what’s on in the Gold Coast, head to our Event Guide.


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