Get a little handsy at Crockd's Hot n’ Pottered life sculpting event
Get a little handsy at Crockd's Hot n’ Pottered life sculpting event

Get a little handsy at Crockd’s Hot n’ Pottered life sculpting event

A wise man (okay, Nelly, it was Nelly) once said ‘it’s getting hot in here’ except this time, you won’t be the one taking off all of your clothes. Intrigued? Good! Allow us to elaborate. Local pottery legends Crockd are hosting a cheeky life sculpting event that promises to lure you out of your comfort zone to take part in a collective art experience. It’s guaranteed to be a real eye-opener, in more ways than one.

When was the last time you did something that was completely out of your comfort zone? Now, when was the last time you did that but stone-cold sober? 2020 has royally sucked so far so consider this your official invitation to throw caution to the wind and do something you’ve never done before, like take part in Crockd’s Hot n’ Pottered life sculpting event. Settle in and unwind with some live tunes before getting down and dirty with some of the best in the biz – Stone Studio will be on hand teaching you how to pinch, pot and create your very own masterpiece. All sounds very civilised, right? Well, here’s the extra fun part – there will be a live nude model striking poses … for inspiration, obviously.

Generally if there’s nudity and strangers, it also involves a tonne of alcohol however Hot n’ Pottered is the exception. As much as you may fancy a cheeky tipple for social lubrication, it’s a dry event so there’s no booze but you can enjoy complimentary mocktails (or Crocktails) and a two-course feast from The Wiener Haus. Hot n’ Pottered is an 18+ event, hosted by Crockd, to bring together local businesses and the surrounding community to enjoy a hands-on collective art experience. After the event, Stone Studio will fire and glaze your creations as part of the ticket price so you can keep your vessels as life long mementos. Hot n’ Pottered has limited availability, nab yourself an all-inclusive ticket for $150 here. Not quite up for life sculpting but still keen to get dirty? Give one of Crockd’s at-home pottery kits a whirl.

To find out more about what’s on in the Gold Coast, head to our Event Guide.


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