See the Gold Coast through a disposable camera at The Indisposable Concept's CLIK CLAK exhibition

See the Gold Coast through a disposable camera at The Indisposable Concept’s CLIK CLAK exhibition

When was the last time you went and got a roll of film developed? You probably don’t even remember … that’s what your iPhone is for, right? Well, there’s an exclusive exhibition hitting the coast in a few weeks time that will challenge that theory. CLIK CLAK by The Indisposable Concept is the first of a series of city-specific pop-up exhibitions created with disposable cameras, and it kicks off right here on the Gold Coast on Friday October 6.

CLICK CLAK: Episode 1 is being held at Chevron Island coffee space Espresso Bonsai, marking the first of The Indisposable Concept‘s pop-up series. The exhibition will showcase the photography of ten local creatives, who have been hand-selected to capture this fine city from their own point of view. The concept sees the ten artists collaborate in one city, for one week, with one disposable camera. Then, the roll of film is revealed in a one-night-only exhibition. Cool, eh?

The photographs are also available for purchase on the night, with all proceeds going towards the Finca Friends program by South American Bean. So, pals, you know we’re all for technology, but we suggest you put your phone away (just for the night) and take the time to slow down and enjoy this exhibition, which has been put together by some of the city’s most creative minds. CLIK CLAK: Episode 1 is being held at Espresso Bonsai on Friday October 6 from 6:00 pm. Head online for more info.

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