Look up! When you can see the April supermoon on the Gold Coast

Look up! When you can see the April supermoon on the Gold Coast

In these times of uncertainty and distress, you can always count on Mother Nature to provide some relief – or at the very least, something damn pretty to look at. On Wednesday April 8, the world is being treated to one of the lunar calendar’s most spectacular events … we’re talking supermoon, baby! Rather than making you check tides or try to decode an online almanac, we’ve got an easy run-down of exactly when you can see the April supermoon on the Gold Coast.

To make up for the fact that it’s been a pretty cruddy year so far, we’re not just getting an ordinary April supermoon on the Gold Coast. This particular lunar marvel is technically referred to as the perigee-syzygy moon (or the super pink moon if you’re feeling more casual). It’s basically a fancy term for when the full moon is the exact opposite of the sun while being at its closest position to Earth – and the result is one big ol’ visual feast. Despite its nickname, the moon won’t actually blush pink, but it will beam extra bright.

In Australia, all of the action is going down on Wednesday April 8. For us folk on the Gold Coast, the optimal time to see the supermoon at its brightest is 10:59 pm, looking to the north-northwest – this is when la luna will be closest to Earth. If you’re not keen to stay up, the sky will also look rather dashing at moonrise – be outside and facing east at 5:58 pm to catch the show. We’ve also taken the liberty of making a Spotify playlist of our favourite lunar-themed tunes to get you in the moon-gazing mood – you can check it out here

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