the beautiful think

Eco fashions found on The Beautiful Think

If your eco ethics extend further than recycling your weekly milk bottle, sustainable fashion website The Beautiful Think may appeal to your cleverly curated wardrobe.

The creation of Brook Hahn, The Beautiful Think sources and sells local and international sustainable and socially responsible garments and accessories, with each product featuring an eco/ethical checklist so you know what goes into each item and what the designer stands for. Labels like Vyosna from Poland, Study from the US and local brand Edition feature, with items coming from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, India, Greece, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

The Beautiful Think also publishes a living and wellbeing blog, adding depth to the eco-fashion conversation by sharing thoughtful, toxic-free living advice. The weekly blog aims to get readers to connect the dots between their clothing, nature and their surrounds, with topics such as alternative health, Taoism and empowerment covered.


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