TWE de lore couture

Snap on a de Lore Couture five-panel cap

de Lore Couture draws inspiration from its family heritage and nature. Andy de Lore is at the helm of the local brand, with his family name able to be traced back to medieval France to Ambroise de Loré – a French military commander and comrade of Joan of Arc. more

TWE Project SPF

Protect your milky skin with Project SPF

As teenagers we spent entire days lounging on the beach, more focused on the increasing the contrast between the white hidden and bronzed exposed skin than rigourously applying sunscreen to keep us safe. Mums told us stories of smothering their bodies in coconut oil – not the modern sunscreen-containing kind – and lying about on the sand until their limbs were blushed and, probably, crispy. While we’ve wisened up to the damaging, possibly fatal, effects of sunburn, sometimes we need a little reminder about being vigilant with day-to-day protection. more