Cure the common cold with a seaside dose of sunshine

Cure the common cold with a seaside dose of sunshine

If you’ve been cooped up indoors, wrapped up in a blanket and sniffling your way through a box of tissues to combat the common winter cold, perhaps braving the outdoors to soak up a spot of vitamin D could bring a little glow back to your cheeks.

While Brisbane’s tall city buildings may create icy wind tunnels, increasing the effects of winter, we can guarantee anywhere coastal feels significantly warmer and less wintery. Pack up your supply of lemons and ginger, tissues and Berocca and hop on a one-hour flight to Gladstone and ferry out across the big blue to Heron Island for a weekend.

If you haven’t been feeling top notch health-wise, we’d prescribe mornings spent lazing on the cool white beaches, dipping your toes in the crisp clear ocean every now and then. The winter sun, salty sea and fresh breezes will do wonders for clearing a foggy head. But if you’re feeling slightly more energetic, perhaps go for a walk along the beach to uncover the nesting spots of the green and loggerhead turtles that make their way up on the shores to lay their eggs. Or if you’re brave enough to dive deep into the mesmerising blue waters surrounding the island, borrow a snorkel and wade out to explore the nooks and crannies filled with beautiful sea creatures along this portion of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.


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