Need a ride? Uber is trialling world-first Uber Rent right here in Brisbane

Need a ride? Uber is trialling world-first Uber Rent right here in Brisbane

One of the best things about city living is not having to own a car and keep on top of rego, maintenance and insurance of said car. The downside to not having your own set of wheels is that sometimes simple things like a trip to Ikea can be problematic because flat-pack furniture and public transport is definitely a no-go. Well, fellow city dwellers, we have some excellent news, in a world first, the renowned ride-sharing service Uber is trialling Uber Rent – a new feature that allows users to rent a car directly through the app. 

When it comes to chocolate, health insurance and car rental, there’s such a thing as too many options. If you’ve ever found yourself deep in a Google hole comparing vehicle makes, models and included kilometres for car rentals, Uber Rent is here to save you from yourself. The pilot program is powered by Car Trawler and is visible directly through the Uber app so you can immediately filer options based on price, rating and various other factors that might be important to you.

The best part? There’s no annoying technical jargon, no annoying fine print and you will immediately receive 10 percent of the cost back in Uber Credits for your first rental and for each subsequent rental you’ll accrue Uber Rewards loyalty points. Uber Rent is currently being trialled in Brisbane with the view to roll it out in other cities in coming weeks. With COVID19 restrictions lifting, there’s never been a better time to escape the city for a weekend away.


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