Three ways to wear chinos with Dirtbox, Brisbane City

Three ways to wear chinos with Dirtbox, Brisbane City

I spy with my little eye, many a Brisbane gent flitting about in a flat-palette tee and a cuffed chino pant. A timeless dapper ensemble, we admit, especially when paired with a smart shoe sans sock. Not satisfied with resting on our staple-outfit laurels, however, The Weekend Edition spoke to Lachlan Sinclair from Dirtbox in Brisbane City to see how to style the beloved chino a-fresh for the next season.

Look 1

Acne Atlas Knit Jumper in Purple ($230)

Acne Roc Trouser in Satin Rust ($240)

B Store Fargo Lace Boot in Brown ($390)

An understated evening look, the distinctive rust colour of the Acne chinos gives the purple sweater a subtlety, while the brown B Store boots balance the look. With both colors working in the same way as the classic navy-brown combination, these are both great tones to set you apart from the rest.


Look 2

Jac and Jack Eno Shirt in Dark Celadon ($240)

Dr. Denim Steel Blue Donk Chino ($150)

Acne Desert High Boots in Dark Blue ($500)

Often considered taboo, the navy and green combination can work brilliantly in the correct shades. Here, the celadon of the shirt acquires an almost teal shade that blends into the soft shade of the trousers, with the dark blue boot rounding off the look. A look like this that gradually gets darker towards the shoe is well matched to an afternoon event that slips into the evening.


Look 3

Libertine Libertine Howl long sleeve shirt in Banana ($160)

Libertine Libertine Count Chino in Java ($179)

Gram 386g Hi Top sneaker in Chocolate ($160)

Shades of yellow are often forgotten due to the popularity of khaki and tan, but this should not be the case. Paired with the dark Libertine Libertine chino and the playful Gram sneaker, it makes for a bold, laidback outfit that is perfect for a lunch or an afternoon in the park.


Psst… Dirtbox will be moving to the new Wintergarden on April 3rd.


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