The Weekly High Five: champagne pops, big brain collectives and mad chats

The Weekly High Five: champagne pops, big brain collectives and mad chats

Baby steps are seriously underrated, as is self-congratulation. Heck, often just getting through the working week can feel like an extremely big deal. The Weekly High Five is a little something we’ve cooked up to help you max out those warm and fuzzies that you get when you know you’re killing it – we impart upon you five bite-sized goals to kick throughout the week, you kick said goals and then you feel fantastic. Go team!

#1: Cool off like a grown up
Summertime, and the livin’ is … quite hard, actually. As soon as the heat turns up it’s not uncommon to crave an icy treat as an instant way to cool off. Whipping up a batch of these fruity champagne popsicles will make you look like a total hero, whether it’s for a cheeky soiree or just because you want to feel fresh. It’s pretty much as simple as nabbing some moulds, half-filling them with champagne and then topping up with fruits of your choice. Let your freezer do the rest.
Image: Bakers Royale

#2: Give a little (or a lot)
How many times have you casually uttered that you’re “so poor”, then turned around and treated yourself to a nice meal out? Most of us are guilty of being cavalier with our cash at times, but the point here is that a lot of us are in the financial position to contribute to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Consider making a donation to a charity that’s close to your heart, or setting up a monthly deduction for a worthy cause. If you’re stuck, you can check out this website to search various causes and see exactly where your hard-earned dollars will be going.

#3: Get talking
As human beings, we do a whole lot of talking. Why not? The art of conversation is pretty delightful, not to mention handy when you’re trying to communicate. This week, we challenge you sit down and have a chat to someone outside of your immediate circle. Prime candidates include kids (because they’re brutally honest and imaginative) and the elderly (because they have a literal lifetime of stories). You don’t have to have a debate about the conflict in Syria or solve the world’s mysteries – just take the time to really, truly listen to what someone else has to say. Odds are you will be pleasantly surprised.

#4: Pool your knowledge to create the ultimate trivia team
Trivia is dope, no two ways about it. What’s not to love about hanging out at the pub, drinking some cheeky mid-week bevs and watching the relationships of people around you crumble because they can’t agree on who the Prime Minister of Poland is? Not only are trivia nights a great social outlet, but they also provide you with the chance to win such spoils as cash and meat trays. If you want to dominate, handpick your own team based on their strengths – include a geography nerd, a pop culture fiend and a music wizard for best results.

#5: Get your pen pal on
The last thing you plucked from your letterbox was probably either a pizza coupon, something from the bank or a handful of wayward leaves that have fallen off a nearby tree – not exactly inspiring content. Make checking the post fun by striking up a pen pal friendship. Pick a friend who is least likely to leave you hanging/most likely to respond, put pen to paper and then slot your creation to your nearest bright red street posting box. Bonus points if you engage with someone from overseas – those airmail stamps are so rad.


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