The round-up: Movember grooming must-haves

The round-up: Movember grooming must-haves

November is here, which means that gentlemen across Australia are trying their darndest to grow a ‘mo for charity – co-worker and loved one skepticism be damned. Whether you are heartily hirsute already or trying for the first time, a good moustache needs proper maintenance. Here are a few products that will help you keep your lip hair in fine form.

From the barber
The world of men’s grooming is an increasingly vast and dynamic industry thanks to the advent of beard care. While some men may prefer to take on the no-shave-November challenge this month, those preferring to embark on the traditional Movember challenge can still find products to keep your hairs in order. Crown & Co on Brunswick Street stocks products from Milkman, including moustache wax and moustache brushes. HQ Male Grooming in West End recommend Uppercut Deluxe moustache wax and beard balm, as well as the luxurious F.A.T.S Beard Oil. The Harbour Barber in Cleveland employs a range of waxes and oils for facial follicles, most popular being King Brown Original Pomade, which works well for the ‘stache as it helps keep fly away hairs down. The Emporium Barber stocks a range of goods from Captain Fawcett, including the Booze & Baccy Beard Oil and moustache wax. Pureman Style + Grooming is getting into the Movember spirit by stocking up on great products – the shelves are packed with moustache wax from Bayolea, Colonel Conks, Captain Fawcett and Mr Taylor’s, plus Prorasa Beard Oil, razors and moustache combs.

Balms, oils and waxes
There are plenty of deluxe products that aren’t typically available at your local barber, but are well worth the investment if your moustache is serious business. Bounder’s Extra Firm Moustache Wax gives an old school twist to your tips, while The Cool Fix from Shaveworks helps calm skin and razor burn if you are keeping your shaving habits regular everywhere but the upper lip. Prospector Co. produces the Burroughs Bear Oil to help moisturise and condition your follicles (also available at Pureman), while Sam’s Natural Beard Pack boasts beard oil, whisker wash and moustache wax for the complete treatment. If you are DIY inclined, you can have a go at making some of your own beard oil using natural ingredients.

The sharp shave
You’ve got the grooming products and oils stocked up, now it’s time to invest in some decent utensils to keep the whiskers neatly trimmed. Gilette’s Pro-Glide Styler is as great razor for keeping things neat and tidy with a smaller, manoeuvrable blade. Tweezerman makes some great moustache scissors and combs and Merkur’s 907 Detailing Beard and Moustache Razor is a reliable and inexpensive option for the finer trimming. Proaso makes excellent shave brushes for those who dig the traditional approach to shaving. Parks and Recreation fans will be familiar with the stern moustached demeanour of Ron Swanson, but many may not know that actor Nick Offerman is an accomplished carpenter, one who produces excellent moustache cultivation equipment from his own wood shop.


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