Image: Hannah Lehmann/The Out There
Image: Hannah Lehmann/The Out There

The Out There is Australia’s first binge-worthy series on Instagram

Move over Netflix! If you’ve been looking to disconnect and detox from social media, then this story might not be for you. But if engaging stories about life, death, love and loss tempt you, then read on! The Out There is a brand-new web series that is breaking the mould when it comes to online entertainment – releasing its first season exclusively through Instagram. This independent project is set to change how social media is used as a tool for content distribution and the potency of accessible entertainment.

It’s a tale as old as time – 20-something girl drunkenly trips over a grave while celebrating her birthday, girl meets boy, boy is a ghost, ghost boy has unfinished business, girl agrees to help ghost boy move on, ghost boy has no memory of his past life, girl and ghost boy endeavour to unravel the mystery at hand. No, you’re not reading the synopsis for the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie – this story is way more ‘out there’. The Out There is a new web series created by and starring actor and writer Hannah Lehmann, which is earning a following thanks to its proposed distribution method – Instagram. Drawn to the simplicity of the social media platform and seeing the technological limitations as a challenge, Hannah and her cast and crew have decided to set sail on uncharted waters, launching Australia’s first linear scripted series to be shown only on Instagram.

Drawing parallels between everyone’s confused and aimless mid-20s purgatory phase to literal purgatory, The Out There is a spookily relatable tale that is much more than just the characters on screen. Hannah and The Out There’s director Mohini Herse have revelled in the chance to bring a new spin to everyone’s Instagram feeds, with a story that was easily digestible (read: binge-worthy) and stylishly executed across more than a dozen one-minute episodes (Instagram limits videos to one minute maximum). This method could prove to be a great way for young filmmakers to get their work out into the world, with a curated approach to content that can be seen instantly. The Out There will be released exclusively on Instagram in the coming weeks. Make sure you follow to ensure you catch it the moment it goes live, but you can also get a taste with the trailer below.


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