Fight oily skin and impurities with goods from The Oil Cleansing Company

Fight oily skin and impurities with goods from The Oil Cleansing Company

Taking proper care of your body means that every inch must be maintained – especially your skin. The Oil Cleansing Company helps purify skin using, well, oil. Ditch the soaps and chemical-based cleansers and try something a little more natural.

You’d call me crazy if I told you that one of the best ways to reduce the build-up of oil in your pores was to cleanse with more oil – but it’s the truth. Soaps and many cleansing solutions dry out your skin, which means the body works harder to produce more oil to compensate. The Oil Cleansing Company offers a range of products that help dissolve and draw out old oils, toxins and impurities without stripping the skin and leaving it flaky and patchy.

The Oil Cleaning Company offers a small selection of goods that can help clean up your skin and fight off blemishes. Two cleansers are targeted at oily and dry skin types, which boast proper ratios of moisturising and drawing oils. The range also includes a day oil and a night oil for 24 hour effectiveness. Ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, peppermint essential oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and many more variants. Head to The Oil Cleansing Company website for more information on how it all works and to check out the online store.


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