The Clash crafts Sailor Jerry capsule collection

We’re no maths geniuses, but we’re pretty sure that when you take the Sailor Jerry aesthetic and multiply it by The Clash’s Paul Simonon, the result is one mighty explosion of cool.

One was the brooding bassist of punk rock bandits The Clash, the other gained cult-like status with a tattoo style that found popularity in post-war Honolulu and has now trickled down to tattoo shops around the world. When the distinctive styles of these two gents combine, it’s a capsule collection you want to know about. Paul Simonon is the first artist to kickstart The Flash Collection, an annual initiative that will see exceptional creatives from around the world designing capsule fashion collections inspired by the work of the legendary Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.

If you can get over the hefty price tag, or afford a second mortgage, diehard fans can be one of just 50 people around the world to shimmy into the Limited-As-Hell Edition leather jacket, which is based on the Lewis Leathers piece worn by Paul in his bass-toting days. The exceptional piece has been handmade, hand-printed and hand-distressed, and also boasts a couple of metal badges from Paul’s personal stash. At a far more affordable end of the price spectrum, the Mermaid and Jack to a King cotton tees feature Paul’s unique designs, while a Hula Girl bandana takes sartorial cues from the musician’s signature style. Check out the four pieces online.


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