Don cool, classic cuts from The Cloakroom

Don cool, classic cuts from The Cloakroom

It’s Sunday afternoon and Brisbane is a sweltering pit of heat and humidity. Not the most ideal conditions for donning jeans for an evening of icy beverages and chats with the lads.

Luckily, Pistols At Dawn has designed with the climate in mind, with its latest off-the-rack jackets and shorts a dapper way to escape the heat. Opting for natural lightweight materials like cotton or linen, the Brisbane label’s jackets come half-lined and quarter-lined to allow for increased air circulation.

The classic-cut shorts with subtle detailing are timeless, leaving space for the wearer’s personal style, while purposeful patches on the jacket sleeves, or a pocket square folded just so, dress up the simplicity of a cropped pant. These beautifully hand-tailored pieces are exclusively available at The Cloakroom in Brisbane’s CBD.

The Weekend Edition recommends showing off your hot weather outfit staples at Brisbane’s boutique bars – the pubs will probably think you underdressed, despite the fine fabric and custom-made buttons upon your dandy attire.


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