The Beer Deck

Get schooled by The Beer Deck playing cards

This clever little toy is the ultimate multi-tasker, pronouncing weird and wonderful beer facts while also doubling as a set of playing cards.

As the glasses are drained and the talk gets rowdy, The Beer Deck will teach you everything you’ve always wanted to know (and everything you didn’t) about your favourite topic of conversation: beer. Forget Googling under the table, this in-hand knowledge bank means beer-fuelled debates will never be the same again. Which nation drinks the most beer? What did early beer drinkers use to carry their ales home? The Beer Deck knows it all.

While you’re waiting to play your hand in a game with the boys, you can perfect your poker face while browsing the images and info printed on the back of each card. Find out about the history of brewing, different beer styles and helpful tips like which glasses are best for which types of beer.

The Beer Deck is available online from Cool Material.


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