sweater guards

Snap on a sweater guard from Atomic Martini, Lutwyche

A common fashion accessory in the 1950s, the sweater guard could be seen on every collar before slipping off the radar entirely. Worn as a way to keep cardigans from slipping when draped loosely over the shoulders, the sweater guard made pulling off a casually flinged sweater look functional.

Making a comeback via vintage-obsessed people rummaging through grandma’s closet and antique stores, a variety of sweater clips are available at Atomic Martini vintage boutique in Lutwyche. With no limits across design or materials, the alligator clips can be adorned with gold or silver shapes, gems and stones, or the more recent hipster-ised ironic bottle caps.

Linked together with a dainty plain or jewelled chain or a string of pearls, clip to the top corners of your cardigan neckline when worn properly, or draped over your shoulders like one would a cape. Moving the style forward, wear a sweater guard clipped to the collar of your blouse or structured shirt, or between the opening of a bolero.

Image via flickr.


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