The Weekend Series: everything we are vibing in April

The Weekend Series: everything we are vibing in April

The Easter eggs have been devoured and the long weekend is behind us. You might be thinking there’s nothing to look forward to for the forseeable future, but you’d be wrong. April is set to be a huge month, and we’ve got the proof. If you need something to ease your post-holiday blues, we’ve got tantalising news of sushi gelato, handy ridesharing arrivals, saucy stories and a recap of the best April Fool’s jokes on the internet.

Sushi gelato
First of all – no, this paragraph is not about salmon-flavoured ice-cream. We don’t think the world is quite ready for that. Instead, we’re looking at some gourmet gelato that is causing a stir on Instagram thanks to its authentic sushi like design. Gelarto NYC is a top-flight gelato outlet that is selling bites of its delicious dessert shaped like pieces of traditional sushi. Gelarto uses custom moulds to form sushi shapes made from its impressive range of flavours. You are also given a pair of chopsticks to eat with. This offering has been available for a little while now, but it has started to gain serious traction on Instagram in the past few weeks. This is one to pencil in for any New York City holiday, the only problem is these things look too adorable to eat.
Image: Gelarto NYC

Slice of Sauce
This piece of news has The Weekend Edition office divided. Some of us think this is science gone wrong, others think this is the best invention since sliced bread. At the end of the day, it’s far too interesting to ignore. Bo’s Fine Foods – an American food start-up – is changing the way we look at condiments by distributing tomato sauce (ketchup) in individual slices. Slice of Sauce is a package containing eight individual slices of ketchup made from mixed, ground and healthy dried ingredients. These slices can then by layered onto burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for an even spread of flavour. Whether or not this is the way of the future for our beloved tommy sauce is still to be determined, but Bo’s Fine Foods has already successfully funded its initial run on Kickstarter with weeks remaining, so the market is obviously curious.
Image: Bo’s Fine Foods

Since the arrival of Uber, ridesharing has become one of the most popular ways to travel. For those that own a scooter, there hasn’t been a way to earn a bit of extra cash like the owners of four-wheelers (unless you count UberEats) until now. Scooti is a new ridesharing app that will be debuting this month in Melbourne, pairing scooter drivers with passengers looking for a lift. This app aims to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions by relying on the more mobile and environmentally friendly scooter. Scooti follows the example set by scooter taxi services in Italy, Indonesia and Singapore, and could be a way of the future for those travelling light. Head to the Scooti website for more information.
Image: Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

Moment’s anamorphic lens
One of the biggest obstacles for entry to the filmmaking biz for amateurs is the prohibitive costs of gear. Sure, the big cameras get the best shots, but what if you could get comparable quality footage on your smart phone? Moment is a company that makes gear, apps and more for smart phones, and it is making waves with its latest collection, which has scored big on its latest Kickstarter campaign. The company has launched its new Filmmakrer Collection and anamorphic lens, which will reportedly afford budding cinematographers the ability to capture extra-wide angles, streaking lens flares and the look and feel of blockbuster motion pictures. This lens goes over the top of your existing lens and is as simple as popping a special case over your phone. This project was fully funded in 41 minutes and has already scored more than $1.5 million in funding, so you know the anticipation is massive. Head to the Kickstarter page to get a look at the technical aspects and take your filmmaking to another level.
Image: 9to5Google

The best of April Fool’s Day
The first day of April is always a day best spent away from the Internet. April Fool’s is bad enough with your co-workers and friends trying to prank you, but the Internet turns into the Wild West for 24 hours every April Fool’s Day, so it’s best to just wait it out and catch up on the hilarity on April 2. This year several brands offered up some brilliant jokes that didn’t necessarily fool anyone, but elicited chuckles across the board. This year saw KitKat unveil its own brand of soap, Snapchat threw shade at Facebook by adding a Facebook-themed filter designed to recreate Russian bots liking your posts (sassy), Google released a new API to help guide users to the perfect hummus and Where’s Waldo functionality for Google Maps, and Netflix acquired the rights to comedian Seth Rogen’s personal autonomy (a timely promotion for his upcoming comedy special).


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