Immerse yourself in Spanish lessons

Immerse yourself in Spanish lessons

Walking into a cosy family-run restaurant alive with the boisterous sounds of Spanish-speaking locals and ordering a dish of paella in the local tongue may be a long-forgotten new year’s resolution. With six months left of the year, there is still time to perfect a second language.

Shared by 21 countries, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Sprawling with green fields of olive groves and vineyards that stretch to the sea, Spain is a romantic destination on most to-do lists. For those curious about the Spanish language, or wanting to perfect a few words before travelling, a language class is the perfect way to learn more about Spanish culture.

The Spanish Cat offers language classes in the heart of Brisbane from Monday to Saturday. The interactive lessons range from beginner to advanced levels, providing the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the Spanish language. Afterwards, indulge your Spanish obsession with like-minded enthusiasts over a glass of sangria, and explore the rich culture and history of Spain with your newfound knowledge.

Image via Enjoy Your Holiday.


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