The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in September

The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in September

Spring has sprung and we are thriving, pals. The air is crisp, the skies are blue as heck and the vibe is impeccably high. Speaking of vibes, there’s a whole bunch of delightful stuff we’ve found kicking around the internet that is only further elevating our already sky-high moods. September brings dedicated peanut butter dessert bars, baller Game of Thrones sneaker collabs, Eataly’s massive new theme park and more.

Peanut Butter Bar
Peanut butter is a true delight – whether you’re spreading it on toast, scooping it onto celery or just devouring it by the spoonful, this wholesome condiment is one of the world’s favourite comfort foods. If you’re a fan of the spread, you may want to consider a flight to Sydney because that is where our country’s first dedicated peanut butter-themed dessert bar is opening! The Peanut Butter Bar is a concept from Christine and Nagib Elbakht, a couple that has partnered with Cali brand Buff Bake to create a store chock-full of decadent delights like vegan peanut butter shakes, vegan caramelised banana and peanut butter pudding and gluten-free salted peanut butter and chocolate chip skillet cookies. Commence drooling.

Fico Eataly World
The famous Eataly markets are already the stuff of food dreams, but things are about to get extremely next level the brand is venturing into theme park territory. Fico Eataly World is set to open in Bologna, Italy in mid-November, taking up more than 20 lush acres and filling them with culinary delights. The park is pretty much Disneyland for people who love to eat – there will be 40 farming factories where visitors can see how farmers process meat, cheese, pasta, and other Italian goods, 40 restaurants and food stations, and even six educational rides. The best part? It’s free entry! This is the sort of news we would travel for.

HBO x Koio Game of Thrones Sneakers
Most of the time, big-name TV show merch is blatantly tacky (looking at you, slogan t-shirts) but if there was ever a show to make it cool it was always going to be Game of Thrones. Broadcasting giant HBO has teamed up with Italian label Koio to create 150 pairs of lust-worthy trainers inspired by GoT’s Jamie Lannister, featuring thoughtful touches like a tiny gold hand attached to the laces and a baller ‘Kingslayer’ tag on the inside sole. Don’t whip out your wallet just yet – these sneakers are a money can’t buy kind of deal, with the only way to get your hands on a pair through entering a Koio Instagram competition.
Image: Jeffrey Jacques for Koio

Pravana Vivids Mood Colour
Children of the 90s would be well familiar with the fad of items that changed colour according to temperature – can we get a shout out for Hypercolour tees and mood rings? Prepare to have your mind blown and your nostalgia levels peaking because some maverick genius has gone and created hair dye that does the same dang thing! U.S. company Pravana has created a secret formula that makes your hair completely change from one colour to another – we’re talking bright green to sunny yellow and fuchsia to lavender, here. Watch the video and prepare to be amazed.

Token Smart Ring
If you’re one of those people who is forever lamenting your lost keys or wondering what the heck your PayPal password is, the future is looking a lot brighter for you. Token has released a game-changing minimal smart ring that aims to replace things like your wallet, keys, cards, passwords and more, using Bluetooth and Near Field Communications pairing to do its thing. The ring has a fingerprint and optical sensor to lock and unlock it, plus the battery lasts for two weeks so you won’t get caught out in awkward ‘can’t pay because it’s flat’ situations (unless you are exceptionally disorganised). What a time to be alive!


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