Salt Water Sandals

Wear classic Salt Water Sandals this summer

With comfortable sandals winding their way into summer’s fashion offerings, we couldn’t have found a better time to discover shoe label Salt Water.

Withstanding sun, sea and sand, Salt Water Sandals can handle a lot of summer fun. Featuring a lightweight make that sees these comfortable shoes slip on with ease and be happily worn everywhere, Salt Water Sandals can be worn during warm days at the beach or sultry evenings at home. High-quality leather and vulcanised rubber give the sandals their durable quality, with an interlinking strap design and adjustable buckle around the ankle.

Hailing from the United States, Salt Water Sandals has been a summer staple since the early 1940s. Boasting thoughtful design and high-quality materials, each pair offers a colourful take on the summer sandal. This season’s collection features in tones of pink, red, lime and tan, with a variety of hues available at Adavera Footwear in Paddington.

Image via The Things We Would Blog.


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